♥ Why Life of a Digital Girl?


A few of you reading will know LOADG from back in 2012 where it started out as a blog about social media and careers. I had some great support from fellow bloggers, some brilliant women who took part in Women of the Web and some excellent guest writers. In the end, for one reason or another, LOADG just took a back seat in my life as I waded through second year of University and some freelance work.

However, I am back but in a bit of a different form. 2013 will see me experience a lot of amazing things- I’m off to Tokyo and Morocco, I’ll graduate this year, I’m moving to London in the summer and I’m hoping to land a job at an ace social media agency. I figured if there was any time to blog my life, it was now. This next twelve months are going to see me do some incredible things. There’ll be scary times, exciting times, happy times and (no doubt) tipsy times. And I wanted LOADG to be the place where it all happens.

I hope you’ll join me as I feature everything from food to travel, fashion to beauty and home life to work life. Please do leave your blog URL- I’m always looking to follow new lifestyle, beauty, fashion and food blogs- and in return I’ll try and give you the best lifestyle blog I can manage.


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