♥ A Very Romantic Weekend


♥ Yesterday saw my boyfriend and I celebrate our anniversary. After hitting the town on  Saturday night for champagne, cocktails and sushi, we wanted to keep the actual day pretty low key and relaxed. Because I’m so busy with my dissertation and my boyfriend is constantly kept busy by his job, it was such a treat to be able to unwind for a few hours over the weekend. Normally we’d spend our weekends staying in, catching up on much needed sleep and sharing a bottle of wine in front of Saturday night TV but we figured we should get our glad rags on and head out for once.


♥ Despite missing Take Me Out, we happily hopped on the bus into Nottingham and headed to All Bar One first off. When we had out first date in London, we ended it in All Bar One with a glass of wine and lots of giggling so even though it’s a chain, it has a lot of memories for us. We started the night off with a glass of Moet, followed by a Porn Star Martini for me (vanilla vodka, raspberry liquor, passion fruit juice and a shot of Prosecco) and a beer for Robin. Drinks finished and my a little unsteady on my feet, we went next door to YoSushi- not the most romantic place in the world but a really fun treat. I don’t normally like sushi, preferring katsu prawns and chicken gyoza over tuna seaweed wraps, but I took the time to tray some different flavours. I’m heading off to Tokyo next month so I wanted to get used to the type of food that might be on offer. In the end, we discovered I’m a big fan of anything with crab in so I know what I’ll be eating in Japan! We ended the night in Nottingham’s best cocktail bar, Coco Tang. Town was as dead so there wasn’t the usual lively atmosphere you’d find in Coco Tang but that didn’t stop me enjoying a Haribo Rocks cocktail and nearly stumbling down the stairs on the way out!


♥ Sunday was our actual anniversary. We swapped cards and gifts and headed out to one of our favourite pubs, The Otter, in Derbyshire. Sadly the sun wasn’t shining or else I would have got some amazing shots of all the boats on the lake- maybe next time! We cuddled up at a table at the very back with views over the lake. It’s such a pretty little pub so if you’re ever near Kegworth, it’s worth popping in for the roaring fire, great drink selection and yummy food. We tucked into French onion soup to start and then went for the BBQ chicken and haddock fishcakes respectively. When we were there I indulged in one of my great loves- cider! I’m a big fan of any sort of flavoured cider so went for the summery option of Bulmer’s red berry and lime. You can tell by the smile on my face how happy I was to be drinking it.







♥ Robin was working on Sunday evening so he sat down in front of the TV  with his laptop (he wasn’t slacking- that’s his job!) and we spent the last few hours giggling at Got To Dance, Celeb BB and some terrifying show about Magaluf! All in all, I had such a lovely, cosy weekend and I feel so thankful that the Mr has put up with me for this long!


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