♥ Kiehl’s Bloggers Gathering

♥ Last night I was lucky enough to attend the Kiehl’s Bloggers Gathering at their Nottingham Store on Bridlesmith Gate. Despite the stand alone Kiehl’s store being in Nottingham for over six months now, I’ve never got round to trying out their products which constantly grace the pages of my favourite magazines.

Kiehl's Nottingham

♥ The evening started with coffee and cake with the lovely Sophia from Tattooed Tea Lady and Abi from Handbags and Gladrags before we ventured up for a little lock-in at the Kiehl’s store with a whole host of other bloggers.

Natalie from Floral Republic and Abi from Handbags and Gladrags

Natalie from Floral Republic and Abi from Handbags and Gladrags

♥ After swigging a glass or two of pomegranate champagne and munching on popcorn and pretzels, we were gathered round to watch a video which showed off the core brand values of Kiehl’s.



Sophia from Tattooed Tea Lady

Sophia from Tattooed Tea Lady

♥ I learned SO much last night about the brand and I love how true they are to their history and heritage. Founded in American in 1851, it started out as a store for all sorts of lotions and potions- including blood sucking leeches! Of course, gone are the nasties and in their place stand iconic products such as Creme De Corps and the gorgeous Midnight Recovery Concentrate.


♥ Kiehl’s were sold to L’Oreal back in 2010 but still stand by their strong charitable and ethical values. Kiehl’s don’t test on animals and release certain products where 100% of the profits go to charities such as Great Ormand Street.

♥ After being talked through a multitude of products by the lovely staff, we had a little play around before being taken aside and having a personal skin consultation. Over the last two years, my skin has been crazy due to going through early menopause so I’m a bit sensitive when it comes to chatting about my skin type but the delightful Ash made me feel calm and comfortable. I had a great little test done on my skin to measure the oil levels in my skin and I came out right bang in the middle which made me feel rather pleased. Ash suggested a handful of products for me and I’ve now got a wish list as long as my arm!

Bloggers test a range of Kiehl's products

Bloggers test a range of Kiehl’s products


♥ After some more photo taking, mingling with the other bloggers and yet more testing of products, we were given a gorgeous selection of Kiehl’s products to take home, including a full size Midnight Recovered Concentrate which I’ll be reviewing when I come back from Tokyo.


♥ Thanks so much once again to the beautiful staff at Kiehl’s Nottingham for organising a great event and for making me come away with a smile on my face and a fresh excitement about my skincare routine.


5 thoughts on “♥ Kiehl’s Bloggers Gathering

  1. This is such a lovely write up of the evening Hollie! I had such a lovely evening, really impressed! And it was utterly lovely to catch up with you and Abi 🙂 xo

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