Lovely Lee Rosy’s, Nottingham


Lee Rosy’s is the stuff tea dreams are made of. I discovered this perfect little paradise during my first few weeks in Nottingham and used to spend many an evening curled up with a pot of Earl Grey tea and a good book to help me relax. After three years in Nottingham, it’s still one of my favourite places and I was lucky enough to head back there on Sunday for a catch up with one of my favourite girls in the world and the woman behind Wonderlander.

♥ Anna is one of those females who makes you feel so empowered, so alive and so happy. Anna radiates passion and love and I could hang out with her all day, every day. Sadly, she’s back in Guildford after finishing her degree in 2011 so catch-ups are few and far between.


♥ When Anna arrived she came bounding up to me with a hug and some beautiful purple tulips – my favourites! We spent the next five minutes picking out our tea. The amazing thing about Lee Rosy’s is the choice- they have everything from chocolate tea to Japanese cherry tea to tradition green teas. Lee Rosy’s actually have an online shop if you fancy buying some loose leaf tea from them (and I suggest you do!)

♥ In the end I opted for a lychee tea and Anna went for a Snapple and a yummy goat’s cheese sarnie. We then spent the next hour or so gossiping about university times, tattoos, hair and blogs… all our favourite things!


♥ I cannot recommend Lee Rosy’s enough if you’re in Nottingham. They serve delicious food- everything from crumpets and butter to homemade cakes and sandwiches.

♥  Lee Rosy’s are based on Broad Street in Hockley, Nottingham.


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