Life Lately- January 2013

life lately

Pics taken from my Instagram, @misshollieb.

Somehow, it has been an absolute age since I blogged but time away from it has made me realise just how much damn hard work running a blog is and I take my fedora off to the likes of Louise, Alison and Alice who manage to run hugely successful blogs whilst also having small children. Ladies, you are Internet Super Women!

I thought now would be a good time to reflect on the last six months. When I last blogged, I was nearing deadline day on my degree (hence blogging. Because procrastinating). Now, in 2014, I’m a graduate and a full time working person with a real life actual job that people pay me to do. There’s even an office dog, for Christ’s sake! Basically, life got good.

Picture 1 is of me in Waterstones after a gin fuelled afternoon. At the time, I thought taking this photograph was the funniest thing ever. No, I don’t know why either…

Working full time means I now appreciate the weekends more than I ever did when I was a student or freelancing. Six months ago I’d be up at 8am to go shopping and run errands and go out and “seize the day” or whatever that means. Now it’s all about the long lie-ins and contemplating how the hell weekends go so damn fast. And gin. Have I said gin too much already?

The third picture is the office dog. Enough said.

In September time I went on Sky News (most nerve-wracking thing EVER!) and spoke about the latest infertility breakthrough. My face was shown around the world so I apologise to any Aussies that may have seen that face just as they were about to go to bed.

Following on from Sky, I discussed the same topic with Radio Five Live which meant sitting in a little studio in BBC Nottingham where, incidentally, one of my favourite YouTube ladies works! If you’re not following TalkBeckyTalk, go do so right now!

As ever, despite the long working days and the weekends hiding from the world in a onesie, I’m still as much of a beauty addict and I adore this recent NOTD. Sadly, I can’t for the life of me remember for the life of me the name or brand of the polishes. Useful, aren’t I?

Christmas this year was filled with parties, too much champagne and lots of dressing up. Going to the Zeebox UK party at The Savoy was a particular highlight and the Notts TV cocktail at my work party was to die for!

Finally, I started 2014 off celebrating seven years with Mr M. He is nice.

So here’s to a new era of Life of a Digital Girl- one with more NOTDs, OOTDs and OMGIADOGDs (that’s an “Oh My God, I am dying of gin” day). Thanks to everyone who has read the blog in the past, I hope you’ll stick with me as I find my feet once more.


The female bloggers that inspire me every day

Pink SuperWoman logoi

Wonderful women of the internet are very easy to come by; one of the great things the internet has allowed us as individuals to do is get our personalities out there and engage with new people from across the globe. From Tweeting one another to meet-up and friendship sites, we’re constantly connected to fellow females who can provide inspiration, information and support during both our happiest and saddest times in life.

I wouldn’t be where I am without some of the wonderful female bloggers who inspire me on a day to day basis. There are some seriously amazing blogs out there run by seriously amazing women who cover every topic you could ever think of. Here I’ve selected the top five blogs that I go to on pretty much a daily basis to find inspiration in both my personal and professional life. The women I’ve selected make me smile with their writing style and push me towards becoming a much happier and healthier version of me. I honestly feel it’s important we support and celebrate one another and this is just my little way of saying thank you to the female bloggers who rock my world!

Emma from The Freelance Lifestyle: I’ve known Emma online for a long, long time. Emma and I are both writers for The High Tea Cast but it’s Emma’s own blog, The Freelance Lifestyle, that seriously has an impact on my life. Without sounding slightly crazy, I doubt I’d be where I am now without Emma’s blog which is filled with handy hints and tips on becoming freelance, little freelance challenges and daily prompts and really great information and support for anyone who works from home.

Sarah from Sarah’s Scribbles: Again a fellow High Tea Cast writer, Sarah runs her own lifestyle blog called Sarah’s Scribbles. As a fellow 20-something lifestyle blogger, Sarah’s blog gives me inspiration and ideas on a daily basis and her blog covers all sorts of topics including fashion, beauty and fitness. Sure, there are a ton of lifestyle blogs out there but there’s something special about Sarah’s. When you sit down to read Sarah’s Scribbles, it honestly feels like you’re curling up with a lifelong and very wise friend who dishes out advice like a pro.

El from AThriftyMrs: I’m sure you all know about A Thrifty Mrs (and if you don’t, where on earth have you been hiding!). El runs the ultimate money saving blog for cool, fashionable men and women who don’t want to compromise on luxuries and the odd splurge. El’s blog has seriously changed the way I live my life. Before I started reading A Thrifty Mrs I was very much wasteful with money and I had a wardrobe filled with dresses with the tags still on and I would never think of repairing something and would just buy brand new. Luckily for my bank balance and my overall happiness, I’m in a much better place having discovered A Thrifty Mrs and although I’m still prone to buying things once and never wearing them again, I’m getting to a point where I no longer feel shopper’s guilt because I’m more open to recycling, buying second hand and fixing things as needed.

Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter: One of Youtube’s most charismatic stars, Louise is a mid-20s mum of Baby Glitter (AKA Darcy) who manages to successfully film and edit videos, write a blog, take care of a toddler and look fabulous without having a full on meltdown like I imagine I would! I frickin’ LOVE Louise, I’m not going to lie. I’m a bit of a fangirl, if truth were known. Sprinkle of Glitter, both the blog and the Youtube channel, has given me much more confidence in how I see myself. Like myself, Louise isn’t a skinny minnie but she rocks her ASOS Curve dresses like no-one’s business. Louise’s blog and videos always cheer me up and remind me of the more fun side to life. She’s ace!

Alice from More Than Toast: You’d think I wouldn’t be interested in a mummy blog, wouldn’t you? Despite not being able to have children myself and not especially having any small people around on a daily basis, Alice’s blog is always a gripping read and I mean it when I say I get excited every time she tweets to say a new post is live. Alice’s outlook on life really hits a nerve with me, her constantly strength to beat PND and face the challenges of single motherhood makes me realise that I can do anything I want and overcome anything I need to if I just put my mind to it. 

And there we have it- the UK female bloggers who have changed my outlook on life for several different reasons. I literally could not be without these blogs and I credit them all for changing my views on everything from my career to my general positivity.

Who are your favourite bloggers? Which blogs do you tend to click on on a daily basis to source your inspiration? I’d love to know.

25 Facts About Moi


♥ I’ve seen these posts on a lot of blogs so thought I’d hop on the bandwagon and join it. Plus, it’ll be a nice way for new readers to get to know me. Have you done a facts post? Let me know in the comments below so I can check yours.

♥ Right then, let’s go!

1. My name came from the song by rock band Boston but my parents changed the spelling from Holly Ann to Hollie-Anne.

2. My middle name is Eileen, I was named after my mum’s mum who passed when my mum was only 19.

3. I’ve lived in the North, the South and now in the Midlands. And I’m due to move back to the South later this year.

4. When I was little I wanted to be a nurse but my fear of needles kind of got in the way.

5. I still remember where I was, what I was doing and what I was eating on the day my parents broke up.

6. I did a Higher Education Foundation Course at Newcastle College where I studied English Language, Philosophy and Media Studies.

7. I’m studying for a degree in Fashion Communication and Promotion at Nottingham Trent University but I very nearly went to the University of East London and studied Fashion Forecasting.

8. I’ve interned at several magazines but I’m probably most proud of the three weeks I did at Easy Living, mainly because it’s one of my favourite ever magazines.

9. My boyfriend was the one who encouraged me to follow my writing dreams. Before I met him, I was going to study to become a teacher.

10. I have one guinea pig called Gordon who lives with my mum in County Durham. We also had a gorgeous white piggy called Horatio but he passed away when he was just 18 months.

11. My boyfriend and I could easily spend the whole weekend watching trashy TV on the sofa. Our favourites are Jeremy Kyle, Take Me Out, Friends and Geordie Shore (Whey Aye!)

12. Speaking of Friends, my favourite character is Phoebe and I’m probably most like Rachel.

13. When I finish university this May, I want to go into community management. I love how online communities form and friendships then exist offline.

14. My favourite non-alcoholic drink in the world is lemonade, especially Sprite.

15. In terms of alcohol, I don’t drink much but when I do I prefer a fancy cocktail or a glass of champers!

16. I’d love a French bulldog more than anything else in the world.

17. My mum taught me how to cook and she makes the best pies and quiches in the world.

18. My favourite nail paint is “Caramel” by Nails Inc, it was one they released with the Diet Coke bottles. I have about 3 back up bottles of it!

19. I’m obsessed with growing my hair after a hairdresser cut it way too short about two and a half years ago.

20. My natural hair colour is dark brown but I’d love to have been born ginger. I do my best with hair dye.

21. I’m obsessed with lavender- the smell, the colour, how it looks. I even have a tattoo of a bunch of lavender on my back.

22. I’m an only child but have two step-brothers.

23. Nothing makes me happier than a big bubble bath with a load of scrubs, lotions, potions, hair masks and face masks.

24. I’ve wanted to go to Tokyo since I fell in love with Japanese subcultures when I was about 13. After 10 years of waiting, I go on Monday.

25. I can say with no doubt that I’d happily marry my boyfriend tomorrow. I cannot wait to be his wife.

♥ And that’s all, folks. I have one scheduled post for you for during the week I’m away but after that it’ll be Tokyo pics, my skincare regime and some beauty reviews.

♥ Interior Inspiration

♥ One of the many exciting things happening for me in 2013 is a move to London! I’m aiming to get a great graduate job for June 2013 in the capital city. My boyfriend works in London and commutes from our home every day in Nottingham so, of course, it makes sense for him to move with me.


♥ We already live together in a sweet little house on the Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire border and I love looking out from our bed every morning to see the swans and ducks float down the canal opposite our house. I don’t quite know the logistics yet- I may move into a house share first and Robin will follow or we might find and buy somewhere ready for June- but I know I’ll miss the countryside.

♥ Saying that, London is so exciting. I can’t wait to spend weekends exploring restaurants and London’s fab parks, riding Boris Bikes and meeting up with all my London friends for after work cocktails and weekend pizza nights.

♥ I’ve been quite poorly with a severe ear infection (hence the lack of blogging) so I’ve spent the time looking at gorgeous London 1 bed flats and pinning some interiors inspiration to my Pinterest boards.

♥ My boyfriend hasn’t done much in terms of decoration on our current house so I’m looking forward to making our London flat our own, filled with quirky touches and designer decorations. I thought I’d share some of the interiors looks I’m loving right now.










(All images from Pinterest)

♥ Are you on Pinterest? What are your favourite shops for interior design pieces?