25 Facts About Moi


♥ I’ve seen these posts on a lot of blogs so thought I’d hop on the bandwagon and join it. Plus, it’ll be a nice way for new readers to get to know me. Have you done a facts post? Let me know in the comments below so I can check yours.

♥ Right then, let’s go!

1. My name came from the song by rock band Boston but my parents changed the spelling from Holly Ann to Hollie-Anne.

2. My middle name is Eileen, I was named after my mum’s mum who passed when my mum was only 19.

3. I’ve lived in the North, the South and now in the Midlands. And I’m due to move back to the South later this year.

4. When I was little I wanted to be a nurse but my fear of needles kind of got in the way.

5. I still remember where I was, what I was doing and what I was eating on the day my parents broke up.

6. I did a Higher Education Foundation Course at Newcastle College where I studied English Language, Philosophy and Media Studies.

7. I’m studying for a degree in Fashion Communication and Promotion at Nottingham Trent University but I very nearly went to the University of East London and studied Fashion Forecasting.

8. I’ve interned at several magazines but I’m probably most proud of the three weeks I did at Easy Living, mainly because it’s one of my favourite ever magazines.

9. My boyfriend was the one who encouraged me to follow my writing dreams. Before I met him, I was going to study to become a teacher.

10. I have one guinea pig called Gordon who lives with my mum in County Durham. We also had a gorgeous white piggy called Horatio but he passed away when he was just 18 months.

11. My boyfriend and I could easily spend the whole weekend watching trashy TV on the sofa. Our favourites are Jeremy Kyle, Take Me Out, Friends and Geordie Shore (Whey Aye!)

12. Speaking of Friends, my favourite character is Phoebe and I’m probably most like Rachel.

13. When I finish university this May, I want to go into community management. I love how online communities form and friendships then exist offline.

14. My favourite non-alcoholic drink in the world is lemonade, especially Sprite.

15. In terms of alcohol, I don’t drink much but when I do I prefer a fancy cocktail or a glass of champers!

16. I’d love a French bulldog more than anything else in the world.

17. My mum taught me how to cook and she makes the best pies and quiches in the world.

18. My favourite nail paint is “Caramel” by Nails Inc, it was one they released with the Diet Coke bottles. I have about 3 back up bottles of it!

19. I’m obsessed with growing my hair after a hairdresser cut it way too short about two and a half years ago.

20. My natural hair colour is dark brown but I’d love to have been born ginger. I do my best with hair dye.

21. I’m obsessed with lavender- the smell, the colour, how it looks. I even have a tattoo of a bunch of lavender on my back.

22. I’m an only child but have two step-brothers.

23. Nothing makes me happier than a big bubble bath with a load of scrubs, lotions, potions, hair masks and face masks.

24. I’ve wanted to go to Tokyo since I fell in love with Japanese subcultures when I was about 13. After 10 years of waiting, I go on Monday.

25. I can say with no doubt that I’d happily marry my boyfriend tomorrow. I cannot wait to be his wife.

♥ And that’s all, folks. I have one scheduled post for you for during the week I’m away but after that it’ll be Tokyo pics, my skincare regime and some beauty reviews.


Lovely Lee Rosy’s, Nottingham


Lee Rosy’s is the stuff tea dreams are made of. I discovered this perfect little paradise during my first few weeks in Nottingham and used to spend many an evening curled up with a pot of Earl Grey tea and a good book to help me relax. After three years in Nottingham, it’s still one of my favourite places and I was lucky enough to head back there on Sunday for a catch up with one of my favourite girls in the world and the woman behind Wonderlander.

♥ Anna is one of those females who makes you feel so empowered, so alive and so happy. Anna radiates passion and love and I could hang out with her all day, every day. Sadly, she’s back in Guildford after finishing her degree in 2011 so catch-ups are few and far between.


♥ When Anna arrived she came bounding up to me with a hug and some beautiful purple tulips – my favourites! We spent the next five minutes picking out our tea. The amazing thing about Lee Rosy’s is the choice- they have everything from chocolate tea to Japanese cherry tea to tradition green teas. Lee Rosy’s actually have an online shop if you fancy buying some loose leaf tea from them (and I suggest you do!)

♥ In the end I opted for a lychee tea and Anna went for a Snapple and a yummy goat’s cheese sarnie. We then spent the next hour or so gossiping about university times, tattoos, hair and blogs… all our favourite things!


♥ I cannot recommend Lee Rosy’s enough if you’re in Nottingham. They serve delicious food- everything from crumpets and butter to homemade cakes and sandwiches.

♥  Lee Rosy’s are based on Broad Street in Hockley, Nottingham.

♥ Take Me Back To Paris

♥ Last year my lovely boyfriend whisked me off to Paris to celebrate my 23rd birthday in style. As a huge fan of French fashion, I spent weeks pouring over French style blogs and hunting out the perfect trench coat and navy accessories to wear in the city of love.

♥ I’m still obsessed with French style- stripes, monochrome, cute little neck ties, red lips, navy, spots… the list goes on. With the world’s eyes on the Paris Couture Fashion Week shows, I’ve fallen head over heels (again!) for the Chanel Couture collection featuring lace, black and white and the beautiful Cara Delevigne walking the catwalk. The whole collected wowed me with lace, monochrome, gothic style and prettiness and I’ll be taking a lot of inspiration from it to add to my own everyday looks.

♥ My own style is very paired down with a usual mix of ballet flats, a trench coat, chiffon shirts and slim fit trousers or jeans so I was chuffed when I started browsing the Next website to see they have a real French inspired style in their latest collection. As you can see below, I’ve picked out my favourite pieces and added some snap shots from one of the best trips of my life!

Paris Collage

Bag– £28, Textured Tweed Jacket– £55, Navy Trench Coat- £75, Striped Shirt– from £25, Denim Trousers- £30, Polkadot Blouse- £26. All from Next.

♥ Are you inspired by French style?

♥ Kiehl’s Bloggers Gathering

♥ Last night I was lucky enough to attend the Kiehl’s Bloggers Gathering at their Nottingham Store on Bridlesmith Gate. Despite the stand alone Kiehl’s store being in Nottingham for over six months now, I’ve never got round to trying out their products which constantly grace the pages of my favourite magazines.

Kiehl's Nottingham

♥ The evening started with coffee and cake with the lovely Sophia from Tattooed Tea Lady and Abi from Handbags and Gladrags before we ventured up for a little lock-in at the Kiehl’s store with a whole host of other bloggers.

Natalie from Floral Republic and Abi from Handbags and Gladrags

Natalie from Floral Republic and Abi from Handbags and Gladrags

♥ After swigging a glass or two of pomegranate champagne and munching on popcorn and pretzels, we were gathered round to watch a video which showed off the core brand values of Kiehl’s.



Sophia from Tattooed Tea Lady

Sophia from Tattooed Tea Lady

♥ I learned SO much last night about the brand and I love how true they are to their history and heritage. Founded in American in 1851, it started out as a store for all sorts of lotions and potions- including blood sucking leeches! Of course, gone are the nasties and in their place stand iconic products such as Creme De Corps and the gorgeous Midnight Recovery Concentrate.


♥ Kiehl’s were sold to L’Oreal back in 2010 but still stand by their strong charitable and ethical values. Kiehl’s don’t test on animals and release certain products where 100% of the profits go to charities such as Great Ormand Street.

♥ After being talked through a multitude of products by the lovely staff, we had a little play around before being taken aside and having a personal skin consultation. Over the last two years, my skin has been crazy due to going through early menopause so I’m a bit sensitive when it comes to chatting about my skin type but the delightful Ash made me feel calm and comfortable. I had a great little test done on my skin to measure the oil levels in my skin and I came out right bang in the middle which made me feel rather pleased. Ash suggested a handful of products for me and I’ve now got a wish list as long as my arm!

Bloggers test a range of Kiehl's products

Bloggers test a range of Kiehl’s products


♥ After some more photo taking, mingling with the other bloggers and yet more testing of products, we were given a gorgeous selection of Kiehl’s products to take home, including a full size Midnight Recovered Concentrate which I’ll be reviewing when I come back from Tokyo.


♥ Thanks so much once again to the beautiful staff at Kiehl’s Nottingham for organising a great event and for making me come away with a smile on my face and a fresh excitement about my skincare routine.

♥ Interior Inspiration

♥ One of the many exciting things happening for me in 2013 is a move to London! I’m aiming to get a great graduate job for June 2013 in the capital city. My boyfriend works in London and commutes from our home every day in Nottingham so, of course, it makes sense for him to move with me.


♥ We already live together in a sweet little house on the Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire border and I love looking out from our bed every morning to see the swans and ducks float down the canal opposite our house. I don’t quite know the logistics yet- I may move into a house share first and Robin will follow or we might find and buy somewhere ready for June- but I know I’ll miss the countryside.

♥ Saying that, London is so exciting. I can’t wait to spend weekends exploring restaurants and London’s fab parks, riding Boris Bikes and meeting up with all my London friends for after work cocktails and weekend pizza nights.

♥ I’ve been quite poorly with a severe ear infection (hence the lack of blogging) so I’ve spent the time looking at gorgeous London 1 bed flats and pinning some interiors inspiration to my Pinterest boards.

♥ My boyfriend hasn’t done much in terms of decoration on our current house so I’m looking forward to making our London flat our own, filled with quirky touches and designer decorations. I thought I’d share some of the interiors looks I’m loving right now.










(All images from Pinterest)

♥ Are you on Pinterest? What are your favourite shops for interior design pieces?

♥ A Very Romantic Weekend


♥ Yesterday saw my boyfriend and I celebrate our anniversary. After hitting the town on  Saturday night for champagne, cocktails and sushi, we wanted to keep the actual day pretty low key and relaxed. Because I’m so busy with my dissertation and my boyfriend is constantly kept busy by his job, it was such a treat to be able to unwind for a few hours over the weekend. Normally we’d spend our weekends staying in, catching up on much needed sleep and sharing a bottle of wine in front of Saturday night TV but we figured we should get our glad rags on and head out for once.


♥ Despite missing Take Me Out, we happily hopped on the bus into Nottingham and headed to All Bar One first off. When we had out first date in London, we ended it in All Bar One with a glass of wine and lots of giggling so even though it’s a chain, it has a lot of memories for us. We started the night off with a glass of Moet, followed by a Porn Star Martini for me (vanilla vodka, raspberry liquor, passion fruit juice and a shot of Prosecco) and a beer for Robin. Drinks finished and my a little unsteady on my feet, we went next door to YoSushi- not the most romantic place in the world but a really fun treat. I don’t normally like sushi, preferring katsu prawns and chicken gyoza over tuna seaweed wraps, but I took the time to tray some different flavours. I’m heading off to Tokyo next month so I wanted to get used to the type of food that might be on offer. In the end, we discovered I’m a big fan of anything with crab in so I know what I’ll be eating in Japan! We ended the night in Nottingham’s best cocktail bar, Coco Tang. Town was as dead so there wasn’t the usual lively atmosphere you’d find in Coco Tang but that didn’t stop me enjoying a Haribo Rocks cocktail and nearly stumbling down the stairs on the way out!


♥ Sunday was our actual anniversary. We swapped cards and gifts and headed out to one of our favourite pubs, The Otter, in Derbyshire. Sadly the sun wasn’t shining or else I would have got some amazing shots of all the boats on the lake- maybe next time! We cuddled up at a table at the very back with views over the lake. It’s such a pretty little pub so if you’re ever near Kegworth, it’s worth popping in for the roaring fire, great drink selection and yummy food. We tucked into French onion soup to start and then went for the BBQ chicken and haddock fishcakes respectively. When we were there I indulged in one of my great loves- cider! I’m a big fan of any sort of flavoured cider so went for the summery option of Bulmer’s red berry and lime. You can tell by the smile on my face how happy I was to be drinking it.







♥ Robin was working on Sunday evening so he sat down in front of the TV  with his laptop (he wasn’t slacking- that’s his job!) and we spent the last few hours giggling at Got To Dance, Celeb BB and some terrifying show about Magaluf! All in all, I had such a lovely, cosy weekend and I feel so thankful that the Mr has put up with me for this long!

♥ Why Life of a Digital Girl?


A few of you reading will know LOADG from back in 2012 where it started out as a blog about social media and careers. I had some great support from fellow bloggers, some brilliant women who took part in Women of the Web and some excellent guest writers. In the end, for one reason or another, LOADG just took a back seat in my life as I waded through second year of University and some freelance work.

However, I am back but in a bit of a different form. 2013 will see me experience a lot of amazing things- I’m off to Tokyo and Morocco, I’ll graduate this year, I’m moving to London in the summer and I’m hoping to land a job at an ace social media agency. I figured if there was any time to blog my life, it was now. This next twelve months are going to see me do some incredible things. There’ll be scary times, exciting times, happy times and (no doubt) tipsy times. And I wanted LOADG to be the place where it all happens.

I hope you’ll join me as I feature everything from food to travel, fashion to beauty and home life to work life. Please do leave your blog URL- I’m always looking to follow new lifestyle, beauty, fashion and food blogs- and in return I’ll try and give you the best lifestyle blog I can manage.